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Whole Hog CSWP Prep – Basic Part Modeling

Whole Hog gets a number of questions regarding additional resources to prepare for the CSWP exam. This sample Whole Hog CSWP-style exam focuses on basic part modeling – the first section of the official SolidWorks CSWP exam. As with the SolidWorks Certified Professional online exam, users must pass this Whole Hog CSWP Basic Parts Modeling Exam with a score of 80% or better.

Whole Hog CSWP Basic Parts Modeling Exam notes:

  • This exam should take a CSWP approximately 30 minutes to complete.
  • Model the part for Question 1 and then update accordingly for questions 2 through 5
  • All dimensions shown are in millimeters
  • All part weights are shown in grams
  • If your exact answer is not shown, select the answer closest to your model weight
  • The material and/or density used uses the default SolidWorks material – modification to materials is not expected or required for this exam
  • Question 6 updates and modifies the same part used in questions 1 through 5 of this exam

SolidWorks offers certifications for users that want to differentiate themselves from other SolidWorks users. This sample exam is offered by Whole Hog Technologies as a supplemental preparation to the CSWP exam controlled and hosted by SolidWorks.

For additional certification assistance and preparation materials, be sure to explore the SolidWorks training options offered by Whole Hog Technologies at www.wholehogtech.com

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